customer won't respond to water guy, gets 800 gallons of water in living room

Customer Refuses To Acknowledge Water Guy's Concerns, Gets House Flooded

"As per my email."
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belly flop wtf water dive swimming Video - 107742977

Dude Goes For 27 Meter Belly Flop Off Of Crane

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teacher's dihydrogen monoxide lesson on tumblr | dihydrogenmonoxideawareness DIHYDROGEN MONOXIDE IS AN ACID WITH PH LEVEL 7 DIHYDROGEN MONOXIDE AWARENESS 'S HIGHER PH LEVEL THAN ANY OTHER ACID! | Why would anyone want consume etherealastraea teach my 7th graders about dangers dihydrogen monoxide bring graduated cylinder and talk about s used nuclear power plants and gmo crops inhaling even small amount l'm holding can lead suffocation or even death s found vaccines and cancer cells, but also

Tumblr Thread: Teacher's Great Dihydrogen Monoxide Lesson

It's important stuff, man.
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scary wtf flash flood water Damn Nature U Scary flood - 107693825

Instant Flash Flood Rips Through Guy's House

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story of man who doesn't want emergency night repairs, he antagonizes the repairman and gets arrested

Entitled Goofball Calls Cops On Emergency Pipe Repairman, Gets Arrested

The tables, how they turn.
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wave wtf water weather ship dangerous Video - 107179777

Warship Sees Mighty Fury Of Poseidon In Monster Wave

Let's all stay on land.
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Guys load truck onto ferry using un-sturdy planks

Dudes Use Flimsy Planks To Load Truck Onto Ferry, Actually Works

But It's probably not worth a second try.
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Waterslide guy hydroplanes across water's surface and gracefully exits pool

Dude Has Smoothest Water Slide Dismount

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Engineer warns farm owner to not park by a valve, his car is destroyed | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/OlderSparky 2 4 hours ago Owner says "Yeah, yeah been saying years and nothing bad has happened Sparkies tale. oc XL 10+yrs ago, Rural Australia. This tale takes place on big, very profitable fruit farm. Over 100k trees my favourite fruit s about moment deliberately caused most monetary damage my electrical career If has interest, read story think 's funny and instructive may even save life

Australian Engineer Lets Farm Owner Destroy His Own Car

He could have listened.
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Collapsing second story of house by pumping in water

How Much Water A Second Story Holds Before Collapsing

There's gonna be a little water damage.
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rip tide nature is cool

Striking Example Of A Rip Tide

Don't want to get caught up in one of these.
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Person mistakenly waters a fake plant for 8 months | r/tifu Posted by u/Rashional3 1 day ago TIFU by watering plastic succulents S always found nice keep some succulents by windowsill. They are easy care and add little greenery my room. Back October decided spend $20 on set 4 small succulents they arrived organized them carefully on my windowsill as planned.

Well-Meaning Boob Waters Fake Plants for Months

At least they tried.
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Water bottle slogan gets criticized in the comments section | Owale Designed exclusively people who drink water. owala | Daniel T Freniere Thank goodness there's water bottles designed drink water and actually enjoy knew day would come 24 1w Like Reply Luke Kohler makes sad think multiple people approved this marketing campaign. 1w Like Reply Author Owala owala fired our marketing department this. 39 1w Like Reply

Water Bottle Gets Roasted In The Comments

Dumb brilliance.
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stories of creepy things that happened at sea | 1kz_akl 3.1k points 1 day ago mate mine working on Tuna boat with came across an aeroplane emergency life jacket floating water about 200miles out at sea, east coast New Zealand

The Creepiest Things People Saw at Sea

There could be anything out there.
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cool water technology awesome Video win - 100761601

Video Shows What Happens When Photocopying Water

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cool accessories images pictures water smart ocean Video - 100336641

Researcher Creates Algorithm That Removes Water From Underwater Images

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