dumb purchases people made | ogkudo 28.5k points 27 days ago went on school field trip Washington DC back middle school bought 2 bill at souvenir shop 20. smh

Dumbest Things People Spent Money On

At 3 AM a three-in-one blender/juicer/convection oven seems like a very smart purchase.
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29 of The Dumbest Things People Spent Too Much Money On

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Thanks For Reminding Me, FB

Via Migez

Bros Will Be Bros

beer bong bros wasted - 6230977536
By Unknown

Party Hard, Brah!

bathroom blackout hammered no pants party hard toilet wasted - 6321133312
By Unknown

Nothing Like a Passed Out Bro on Your Car to Round Out the Day!

after 12 drunk passed out wasted - 6398915328
By brigetteb

Bro, I'm So Wasted

dogs can't hold their beer
Via ToastBourne

You Can Always Go to Taco Bell

taco bell after 12 drunk wasted g rated - 8312992768
Via hitchcocklikedblonds

That Dog Is Trashed

beer dogs funny wasted - 8240007168
Via JD Lopez

Buckle Up, or Get Bucked

cars drunk kids funny wasted - 8005528320
By Unknown

A Wise Man Once Said

beer drunk funny wasted - 7896641024
By Unknown

A Truely Helpful T-Shirt

wtf T.Shirt wasted funny - 7763872768
By Unknown

Have a Seat Right Over There

passed out unconscious wasted - 6436852480
By bretwarmerdam

I Bet Those Flies Are Wasted From All That Beer

beer wasted empty funny - 7649637632
By Unknown


liar kids drunk wasted funny - 6788489984
By Unknown

Right. "Tipsy."

code alcohol tipsy wasted - 7077689088
By Unknown
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