Restaurant owner returns lost wallet |  11:40 ll5GE( TIVIESsayt Thu, Apr 9, 4:42 PM Hello James hope this message finds well. My name is Kevin and owner Goat Hill Tavern Costa Mesa and found something lost YEARS ago. There is still money wallet, although 's stuck inside, as well as old ID's and SSN card. Let know if this is actually and if like send current address. u CALIFORNIA r IFORNIA DiIVERLICENsE 4342 JAKE AMERICA UNID n PASSPORT CAR iMessage Pay ENTYDOLARS DAU CALIFORNIA

Restaurant Owner Finds and Returns Dude's Wallet after 7 Years

Oh man there could still be some useful coupons and punch cards in there.
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Be on the Look Out For a Sly Fox on the Back Nine

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