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The Valentine's Day Cringes You Ordered Are Here

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Get the Desu Out of Here Now, While You Still Can!

nerds waifu otaku dating - 8014098176
Created by Unknown

You See, Mom Was Running Support on Mid and Dad Was Ganking...

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Created by Unknown

The Next Hit Single For Macklemore, Featuring James Franco

waifu relationships - 7817632000
Created by Unknown

Please Do Not Touch the Cardboard Waifu

waifu hoverhand funny - 7559100672
Created by Unknown

Respekt Womin U Gais

respect waifu feminism dating fails g rated - 6866438912
Created by Unknown

A Man and His Waifu

waifu Pillow oh Japan - 6635785216
Created by NordicLlama

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