Video of a hysterical little girl crying because she can't stop dreaming about waffles.

Girl's Crying Cause She Can't Stop Dreaming About Waffles

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The Waffle Monster Is Very Pleased

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Would You Eat a Waffle Made by a Machine That Farts?

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The Diabeetus is too Strong With These Fruity Pebble Waffle Cones

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Get Your Waffle On

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I Never Knew How Badly I Needed These in My Life

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Where Has the Pizza Waffle Been All My Life

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waffle iron for tweaking foods

The Waffle Iron is Made of Magic and Makes All Fast Food Taste a Little Better

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The Waffle Burger is Very Real at a Michigan Baseball Team's Stadium

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Taco Bell Rolls out a Waffle Taco, Ruining (Improving?) Breakfast Forever

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Rainbow Waffles WIN

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Carrot-erists Win!

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