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Dinner and a Show

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Created by AgentDarkBooty

Work On Your Diction

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Via Acid Cow

Don't Dictate and Drive

voice to text driving AutocoWrecks - 7894097664
Created by Chelly Johnson

Apparently Voice-to-Text Has Never Heard of Marshmallows

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Created by Poohee17

At Least Voice-to-Text Got the Last Part Right

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Created by annie.g.perez ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

What Does a Rooster Booster Do?

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Created by deadrisinggal

Voice-to-Text Gets it Right

voice to text voicemail AutocoWrecks - 7831508992

This Feature Doesn't Actually Foster Communication

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Created by Unknown

Curse You, Voice-to-Text!

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Created by LazyL

Egg-nor-ance is Bliss

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Via jonnovstheinternet

Texting, Stream of Consciousness Style

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Via omgeverything

I Sense a New Trend on the Horizon...

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Created by Unknown