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Children's Names for Things Are What You Need to Turn Your Day Around

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vocabulary from the 16-19th century

The Mad Modern World Needs These Vocab Terms From The 16th-19th Century

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Simpsons Win! Merriam Webster Adds "Embiggen" to the Dictionary

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Watch These Toddlers With Potty Mouth Show Off Their New Vocabulary Skills

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Childhood Vocabulary

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Depends on Your Definition of the Term

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You Know, the Pointy Bashy Thing!

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That's Literally Not the Definition

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The Importance of Spaces

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Your Claim is Spurious and Asinine, B**ch!

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Cut By Occam's Razor

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The Key is To Relate New Vocabulary to Things You Know Already

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Kathryn's Mom Prefers more Dangerous Game

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Remarkably, Nobody Said "Clock." Full Points!

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Basic Vocabulary FAIL

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