News in Florida reports a beach full of people during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Florida Beach Packed Despite Social Distances Measures

Wonder how this will turn out?
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Computational biologist breaks down how he sees the Coronavirus shaking out | Francois Balloux @BallouxFrancois should be qualified comment on covid-19 pandemic computational/system biologist working on infectious diseases and have spent five years world class 'pandemic response modelling' unit this thread will summarise believe don't) know 1/12) 10:39 PM Mar 14, 2020 Twitter Web App 19.4K Retweets 46.3K Likes Francois Balloux @BallouxFrancois Mar 14 Replying BallouxFrancois After having spent

Twitter Thread: Computational/System Biologist Shares Thoughts On COVID-19

Everyone stay safe out there.
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Video of officials telling people to not touch their face to prevent the spread of coronavirus, then touching their faces.

Officials Telling People Not to Touch Their Face, Then Touching Their Face

Easier said than done.
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Twitter users share the ways that they're staying preoccupied during the Coronavirus outbreak | tweet by manyapan how to survive staying indoors during #coronavirus lockdown according to these very important videos making their rounds on chinese social media: firstly don't be afraid to express your feelings and get in touch with your emotions

Chinese Residents Get Creative During Coronavirus Lockdown

They'll maintain their sanity just yet.
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man hacks a scammer

Guy Hacks a Scammer Til He Goes Ape-Sh*t

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anti vaxxer memes

16 Anti-Vaxxer Memes More Viral than the Diseases They Spread

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Super-Passive Aggression

notes passive aggressive signs virus - 4221877760
Created by amberino66

An Outbreak!

OS sticker virus windows - 4319713792
Created by dotcom624

Never Mistake a Trojan Virus for a Gift

error message trojan virus - 5054841856
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wtf virus science Video measles - 69135873

Measles What Does it Do?

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cells medicine funny virus - 60344321

A Cell Vs a Virus

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Brand Interaction: It's Not Always a Good Thing

twitter virus - 8120805632
Via Google

That's Basically How Viruses Work, I Think

virus what cancer - 8093779968

30,000 Year Old Zombie Virus!

medicine funny science virus - 8092165120
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AIDS Vaccine Appears to Completely Clear the Virus From Primates

medicine virus science primates vaccine aids g rated School of FAIL - 7795449088
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DANGER: New, Potentially Deadly Virus Spreading

danger virus anxiety monday thru friday g rated - 7724419328
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