twitter users nostalgic over old ovens

Twitter Users Get Nostalgic Over Sexy Old Ovens

Oh that's nice.
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god Music albums religious lol church vintage - 16286725

Freaky Old Religious Albums That Have Less And Less Context Every Day

Times change, but album jackets stay the same. There was an era when what America wanted was dudes in suits singing about God, as well as family bands featuring women with the largest hair that you ever did see. For quit a few of these people it feels like the whole religious aspect was more of a stepping stone to get their ventriloquism careers off the ground, but how can we judge? it's not like you see us putting in the time to learn how to drink a glass of water while making a doll tell peop…
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Strange and bizarre old Christmas cards.

Old-Timey Christmas Cards Were Horrifically Weird

We are here to inform you that old-time Christmas cards were horrifically, awfully weird. Just like everything else about the past, it doesn't make sense to us intelligent beings living in the present. Twitter user @RabbitThoughts created a wonderful thread detailing these weird Christmas cards, which they say came about when postage stamps grew cheap in the 1800s. From frogs and bugs dancing together, a horrifying depiction of Krampus, and people with chicken heads going sledding in the snow,…
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unsafe toys people remember

Unsafe Toys People Remember From The Olden Days

Times change.
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Old-Timey life hacks

Old-Timey Life Hacks from Forever Ago

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Creepy, strange, funny and weird vintage album covers.

Weird and Creepy Album Covers of The Past

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vintage advertisement for cigarettes and hot dr pepper

43 Interesting and Sometimes Outrageous Vintage Food Advertisements

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old pics of kids

20 Kids in Unsafe Situations That Wouldn't Fly Today

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vintage pics

29 Strange Images of Vintage WTF That Prove People Have Been Weird Forever

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Music cover Video vintage - 83432705

If Your'e Ready for a Vintage Prom Version of 'Closer' by Chainsmokers & Halsey, PostmodernJukebox Has it Covered

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Music Drake Video vintage - 78437121

Tap Your Toe to a Vintage '40s Swing Styling of 'Hotline Bling'

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protein funny Video vintage - 65976577

Protein Synthesis

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Vintage Health Kept You Safe From Radiation

physics ads health science funny vintage - 7997372416
Created by Unknown

That Would Be a Long Drive Home

E.T. drinks coors?
Via Tubularrockets
awesome funny science vintage Video - 64581377

Russian Scienctists Are Crazy

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How Convenient

drinking accessories image How Convenient
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