villains people felt should win

People Share Villains Who They Feel Deserved To Win

It's a matter of perspective.
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funny bird parrot laughing like a cartoon villain

Bird Laughs Just Like A Super Villain

Genuinely impressive.
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TV and movie villains who people sympathized with | JackwhitesLiteBrite 12.2k points 15 hours ago Doc Ock not saying sooner rob bank than beg grant money, but get where he's coming .

Villains Who People Sympathized With

Imagine landing a sweet new security guard gig just as James Bond strolls into town.
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Movie villains that people had sympathy for.

Movie Villains People Have Sympathy For

Some of these folks got a pretty raw deal.
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Joaquin Phoenix joker DC awesome movies villains superheroes - 101078785

Joker Stair Scene Recorded By Resident Living Next To Stairs

Can't imagine what this looked like to people without context.
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Guy lives to regret quoting Thanos to his girlfriend while they're arguing.

Guy Regrets Quoting Thanos While Arguing With Girlfriend

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Collection of quotes from iconic comic book villains.

9 Entertaining Quotes From Iconic Comic Book Villains

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marvel DC comics villains superheroes - 953093

Comic Series Imagines If Comic Book Villains Had a 'Creamy Moral Center', and We Would Read the Sh*t out of This

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geek joker DC comics villains superheroes batman win - 129030

Mark Hamill Recorded a Voicemail as the Joker, and It's as Twisted as We Could've Hoped For

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disney villains laughing Video parrot - 81582849

This Parrot Laughs Like a Villain in a Disney Movie

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Marvel Artist Who Has a Burning Hatred for Donald Trump Made a Ridiculous Supervillain Inspired by the Guy

Via destroyman

Ever Wanted a Free (Prop) Deathray? This UK Advertising Firm is Giving Theirs Away!

villains for sale free stuff - 8387092736
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