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‘I removed all my tools from the store’: Head mechanic revokes employees' 'privileges' after workers go overboard, finishing 400 bags of chips

‘I removed all my tools from the store’: Head mechanic revokes employees' 'privileges' after workers go overboard, finishing 400 bags of chips

'Don't take advantage of a nice thing or it may go away', said u/tKLogicTA, who revoked his employees' privileges after they managed to finish 400 bags of chips in 3 weeks. Let's start at the beginning. OP opened a shop about 10 years ago, where he was working as a full-time mechanic. As time went on, he allowed himself to lay back a bit and relax. Taking on a more entrepreneurial role, he began broadening his horizons, acquiring more properties and businesses. He still made sure to visit the s…
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18 Sloppy Vending Machines That Failed To Do Their Job

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The Robot Overlords Have Started With Depriving You of Your Energy Drinks

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After Strategical Snacks Didn't Fall, These Students Won a Vending Machine Snackpot the Old Fashioned Way

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This Woman's Latest Terrifying Invention is a Set of Knives That Chop

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No One Wins

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He Who Controls This Controls The Market

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Deep Vending Machine

vending machine light has broken still works
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The Licorice Doesn't Work?

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What Do You Have to Say for Yourself?

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The Most Delightfully Janky "Vending Machine" We've Ever Seen

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I Just Want My Cookie!!

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An Inspirational Tale

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God Bless You 'Merica. Now Where's the Ketchup Machine?

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Wait Just a Minute...

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"For My Convenience," Huh?

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