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Vegetarian Presenter Forces All Attendees to Eat Vegetarian, Wondering if They’re Wrong

This Redditor posted to Reddit's “Am I the A-Hole” community this week to see if they were wrong for imposing their vegetarian diet on attendees of their presentations. Interestingly, this poster comments that their primary motivation for being a vegetarian (and forcing this diet upon others) is due to the pollution the meat industry generates. Yet, their profession is essentially just traveling around the place to talk at people. It's no secret that travel contributes a massive percentage of g…
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Wife Serves Fake Meat to Meat-Loving Husband and Son, They Freak Out, Sparks Voracious Online Debate

This wife and her daughters decided to play a trick on the male members of the household, who held a ridiculous disdain for any meat alternatives. (They clearly have been taking one too many pages out of Ron Swanson's book.)
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Selfish Girlfriend Makes Vegetarian Boyfriend Eat Meat To Avoid Slight Inconvenience

It's not like this guy was going to stand up and throw the whole turkey in the trash or make everyone else not eat dinner. Her first priority was to avoid having to discuss her boyfriend's diet rather than just letting him not have turkey. Seems like in the end, this was the least graceful solution that was available when it comes to sustaining a real relationship. For an extra helping of food entitlement, here are the guests who demanding a guy cook his entire beef wellington well done.
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Disrespectful guy tries to sneak meat into vegetarian's meals. | AITA refusing let my friend eat meat inside my house know title sounds, but please give chance. Now gonna start out by saying not one those crazy vegans who force their views on others and think meat eaters are devil been vegetarian over ten years and dont plan on ever eating meat again, but understand and respect why others do.

Meat Eater "Friend" Tries To Sneak Meat Into Vegetarian's Meals

Serious boundary issues.
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An important Tumblr post about the importance of serving customers what they ask for.

Vegan Girl Gets Served Real Burger, Ignites Important Educational Tumblr Thread

Best to respect those specialized orders.
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Woman gets mad that roommate cooks meat in their shared dorm room, and roommate feels bad.

Vegetarian Gets Mad That Roommate Cooks Meat In Dorm Room, Roommate Feels Bad

Eh, live your life.
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Chipotle educates a vegetarian who thinks that chorizo isn't meat, on Twitter | been vegetarian since age 12 just had chorizo and 's so good! Texture and flavor is exactly like real meat! ChipotleTweets Do mean Sofritas? Chorizo is meat Becky

Chipotle Educates Vegetarian On Twitter

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Coworker learns gelatin in gummy bears contains beef, and she takes it hard.

Vegetarian Coworker Sadly Learns Gummy Bears Aren't Vegetarian

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Clueless Vegetarian Chick Learns From Chipotle On Twitter That Chorizo Is A Meat

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I Thought They Only Ate Grass?

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Turkey Burgers

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Don't Be Such A Succulent

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Your Secret is Safe With Us

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You Win This Time, Carnivorous Restaurant

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How Dare They Eat Lunch in Front of You!

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Was Never a Big Fan of Either of Those Smiths Albums

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