nephews fed vegan food for a week, mom has a meltdown

Nephews Fed Vegan Food, Mom Has Meltdown, Calls It Abuse

Oh, cool.
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vegan employee refuses to deliver food with meat in it

Unreasonable Vegan Employee Refuses To Deliver Food With Meat In It

Why take the job, then?
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Coworker keeps trying to trick vegan coworker, cries when she won't eat her "vegan" cake

Vegan Employee Refuses To Eat Suspicious Cake, Coworker Cries

What ever happened to not bothering people.
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Vegan wants a wedding guest's vegan meal, gets rejected, and then proceeds to pitch a fit.

Vegan Wants Wedding Guest's Vegan Meal, Gets Rejected, Pitches Fit

Pretty dang absurd.
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A vegan learns that mayo isn't actually vegan.

Vegan Learns That Mayo Isn't Actually Vegan

Just a bit awkward there, eh.
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A kid tries to eat a ham sandwich in a vegan restaurant and ends up getting denied.

Kid Tries To Eat Ham Sandwich In Vegan Restaurant, Gets Denied, Mom Complains

There's a time and a place for that ham sandwich.
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Vegan coworker asks burger-eating coworker to eat outside

Vegan Employee Suggests Coworker Eat Burger Outside

What does compromise mean, really?
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A Tumblr thread about the real reasons behind people wearing fur clothing. | teaboot Follow understand why people dislike leather and animal products. But leather is such good resource? Like My mom bought sturdy leather coat 1989 my 20's and now wear coat s 30 year old coat? 30 years, two generations, one coat. Versus, like plastic one rips and gets thrown out, or releases bits into ecosystem every time 's washed, takes billion years decompose, lasts maybe decade if super duper careful, and uses

Tumblr Thread: Fur Clothing Vs. Vegan Clothing

This is sure to get people fired up.
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Person has vegan wedding meal planned, uncle demands meat | Posted by u/AITAvegwedding AITA serving vegan food at my wedding? My fiance and are getting married June next year both vegans, and although don't judge those who are not vegan wanted serve vegan food at our wedding found vegan caterer sent out invitations added note saying food will be vegan also asked everyone who has any specific dietary requirements let us know note made clear anyone who needed specific

Uncle Can't Handle Vegan Meal At Wedding, Demands Meat Meal

It's one free meal, dude.
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Candy stealing mom vegan story | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/MySuperSecretAccnt AITA not telling vegan mom candy she stole my kids and eating, wasn't vegan? This happened on Halloween and day following. My neighbor, 38F (super vegan) has 2 kids 26F) also have 2 kids. My apartment complex didn't do traditional tick or treating on Halloween. Residents were advised set out prepackaged individual candy bags on their patios/front door areas if they wanted participate

Mom Freaks Out When Stolen Candy Isn't Vegan

How the tables turn.
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An educational Tumblr thread about misconceptions vegans hold toward eggs and chicken | despazito Follow vegans who refuse even eat backyard eggs..why despazito Follow people who think its unethical eat chicken eggs are like people who think bees should keep all their honey. they literally produce more than they need and unwillingness even buy local means are doing nothing help them, support small farmers heathens

Informative Tumblr Thread Supports Local And Ethical Farms

Imagine thinking bees literally can't spare any of their honey.
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Guy's vegan girlfriend demands that he get rid of his cat because cats kill mice | r/relationship_advice Join u/throwRA78wdhsg 9d 1 1 My (22M) vegan girlfriend (21F) wants get rid my cat can't believe l'm about type this but here go been dating my GF 7 months. She's amazing and super compatible lot ways. She is an outspoken vegan, and she made clear at start our relationship important her any potential had similar cruelty-free values already being pescatarian, had little difficulty transitioning

Vegan Girlfriend Demands Man Get Rid Of Cat

An absurd predicament.
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Vegans get called fake for feeding their cat meat. | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/edenflicka 16 hours ago 3 AITA calling ourselves vegan? So both vegan and have been years. Last year got beautiful cat who is grand baby neither our parents will ever have. She's obviously an obligate carnivore and been feeding her kibble and wet food. Unfortunately, where she came wasn't very good situation and she had horrible teeth rescued her s not come point where if she's painful she doesn't want eat kibble an

Vegans Called Fake Because They Feed Their Cat Meat

This was an argument?
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Vegan stepdaughter can't stand that cat eats meat | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/headachebrewing 20 hours ago AITA telling my stepdaughter she's absolutely under no circumstances allowed switch out my cats food vegan food even though she's losing weight because sight normal cat food makes her sick? Not hole Sorry appalling title. My stepdaughter is living with my husband and next year. Shes an educated young professional who's saving up buy her own home.

Vegan Stepdaughter Can't Stand that Cat Isn't Vegan

What an interesting argument.
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debate interesting vegan - 103032065

Vegan And Meat Eater Square Off In Debate

Pleasantly surprised over this.
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Stories of why vegans and vegetarians ate meat again | reddit posted by lovelymoth My aunt vegetarian health reasons day she got diagnosed with cancer she went n-Out.

Reasons People Stopped Being Vegan/Vegetarian

Everyone has their reasons.
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