Tumblr Post: Male Beauty Standard Is Toxic

I mean, the fact that someone went so far as to tease Jason Momoa over his physical appearance is already unbelievable enough. From there, this quick and powerful rant from a Tumblr user does a solid job at covering how the male beauty standard perpetuated through certain parts of the bodybuilding community only serves to create unrealistic and deadly standards. 

This Tumblr post brings to mind the other Tumblr thread we've featured about how movies end up fueling unrealistic physical standards.

Quick Tumblr post calls out the toxic nature of the male beauty standard | Tumblr deleted my long ass rant while middle writing so spared and will only get summed up version Long story short abs are supposed be covered with healthy, protective layer fat shape Jason Momoa is during his movies is achieved by diet designed lower his body fat unhealthy numbers, dehydrating him and enhancing his abs with make up. This is
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