What's on that van over there? The lumbering work vehicles are also perfect places for witty and creative advertising. So drop that spray paint and find some inspiration to put your van on point and making a statement.

'He's complaining to me he's overdrawn...not my problem dude': Repair shop refuses customer's credit card payment, then realizes his mistake

'He's complaining to me he's overdrawn...not my problem dude': Repair shop refuses customer's credit card payment, then realizes his mistake

This person told a tale of their car repair debacle from 20 years ago, and you can tell it's an old story because they discovered the repair shop using a phone book. A real phone book! What a delightful throwback! For those of you who don't know, a phone book was a very big and heavy book with hundreds of pages. The white pages listed the numbers of people, and the yellow pages listed the numbers for businesses. It wasn't just numbers, either, it usually listed addresses too. Having your phone…
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nature scary wtf snow Damn Nature U Scary van glacier mountains - 107157761

Glacier Wall Chases Dudes On Mountain Pass

Not an enviable position to be in.
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Dad's suspicion saves daughter in creepy story | is creepiest thing has ever happened Rayleen Tritt, Owner and Lead Photographer Answered Sep 20 21 had waitressing job at local brewery happened be mall. My parents, who very close came and visited quite often. One night, around busy holiday season, my parents stopped drink after shopping and right before close. After double shift exausted and just wanted go home but sat with my parents pint started snow and my

Dad's Instinct Saves Daughter In Creepy Story

Sometimes you know when something's not right here.
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Ad van that says it's strong and stable ends up being blown over by the wind on the highway.

"Strong and Stable" Tory Ad Van Blows Over on Highway and People Can't Handle It

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So They've Moved On From a Cup...

So They've Moved On From a Cup...
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This Cleaning Company Really Knows How to Dive In

FAIL signs van double entendre business name - 8549292032
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americana jump fire van Video holidays win - 74148097

There is No American Holiday That Can't Be Celebrated with a Burning Van, a Ramp, and a Water-Landing

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Seems ReleVANt

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What Is It That You Do Again?

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That Van is Goghing Places

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Let Pescetarians Know That You're Here For Them!

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cars van what weird Video - 71066113

Forget a Clown Car, This 50-Person Van in China Has it Beat

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jet ski bad idea facepalm van Video - 70888705

Loading Up Your Jet Ski? Just Drive the Van into the Water!

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Not What We Meant by "Owning the Court"

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Are You Coming On to Me, Service Van?

license plate service van - 4238607360
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How Furious Can One Van Get?

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