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Clueless Anti-Vaxxer Proves His Own Cluelessness with Sick Burn

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anti vaxxer memes

16 Anti-Vaxxer Memes More Viral than the Diseases They Spread

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Anti-Vaxxers Owned

17 Times Anti-Vaxxers Got Righteously Owned

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20 Times Anti-Vaxxer Stupidity Took a Leap into the Stone Age

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13 Times Anti-Vaxxers Infected Social Media with Pure Insanity

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People Whose Occupations Demand A Flu Vaccine Are Trying to Lie About Having Taken It

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Go Vaccines!

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By Unknown

These Moms Are Going to Have to Be Smarter Than That

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Via Theunderfold

Criticism: Just Erase it!

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By PMedMoe

Irony Died That Day

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By littleletters

Feel the Madness

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Via Bulbatsar

Oh Right, Almost Forgot About the Whole Satan Thing

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By Unknown

Your Input is Much Appreciated!

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By Unknown

Protecting Myself From Disease in Around the Immuno-Compromised? Totally Unfair.

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By Unknown

Please Vaccinate

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By Unknown
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Vaccinations and Autism

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