Blue collar workers tell unspoken truths about their work

"Respect to Those That Understand": Viral TikTok About Blue Collar Life Has Commenters Getting Deep

The unspoken truths about this lifestyle.
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Tumblr thread on what a stick of butter is | emilianadarling holy fuck guys after years being vaguely confused came across measurement stick butter recipes, today learned United States they sell butter these skinny stick things: SWEET UNSALTED) NET WT. UKDA 4 02 BUTTER (113 g) PACKED DY PLANT 22 DWEET UNSALTED USDA NET WT. 4 0Z (113 g) BUTTER PACKED BY PPLANT 27031

Tumblr Thread: The Cultural Confusion of a Stick of Butter

Depending on where you're from, it's not obvious.
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A collection of American habits that Americans didn't realize were so American | Small avocados. Went puerto rico like yo ill have like 6 those stuffed avocados Buddy like yo gringo think underestimate size our avocados here. Just have one and ill being more if want after had half one like football.

American Habits That Are So American

So American without even realizing it.
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Japan news usa robots - 82767617

US Unveils Massively Deadly Robot That'll Square Off Against Japan In A Glorious Robot Deathmatch

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Everything Is Right Again!

usa twitter war - 8972458752
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Brewnited States of America

usa beer puns - 8816738560
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usa twitter list swimming ryan lochte roast trending funny olympics - 902661

Update: Ryan Lochte Instagrams an Apology About His Rio Robbery Fairy Tale After the Internet Roasts Him

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Home is Where You've Never Been

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USA Finally Gets Revenge for Canada's Part in the War of 1812

win bald eagle and canadian goose fight in real life
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usa sex laws sexy times Video - 78209281

Safe Sex Also Means Abiding By These Crazy 'Murican Sex Laws

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I'd Bet People That Live There Are Happier

unless you like cops, don't smoke weed in 46 of the 40 states
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Most Popular Beer In America

none of these popular beers are surprising
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usa words online dating funny dating - 284676

The Most Used Words in Online Dating By State

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Subtle Differences

Bulgarians can drink
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United States of Beer Pong

the flag of the US college student
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