Botanists describe some of the scariest plants in the world.

Botanists Describe Scariest Plants In The World

Plants are kind of scary, man.
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A collection of cursed images that are deeply unsettling.

Deeply Unsettling Cursed Images From The Dark Depths Of Existence

Maybe too much cursed going on.
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wtf unsettling creepy bizarre weird tiktok - 2174214

Eerie TikTok Video Reveals Abandoned Ghost Town

Ghost towns are just plain old unsettling.
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An anxiety-inducing thread about the ocean's gigantic oarfish. | mischief7manager digitalrabbit asked: Hey heard giving out anxiety, can have 1 anxiety please? biggest-gaudiest-patronuses answered: yes, here is baby oarfish

An Anxiety-Inducing, Informative Thread About Oarfish

That escalated quickly.
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A Tumblr thread about the unsettling uncanny valley effect | think know reason why people prefer "unrealistic" animation some reason, humans really don't like things look like humans but aren't quite human. Hence why lot people are uncomfortable with movies with animation like Monster House and Polar Express looks too realistic us and sets us off. Scientists call this Uncanny Valley" effect and its thought be an evoluti tactic survival.

Tumblr Thread: The Unsettling Reason For Unrealistic Animation

The good old uncanny valley effect.
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cursed image of a vest covered in 3d mouths

15 Cursed Images Of Deeply Unsettling Proportions

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unsettling cursed images

35 Cursed Images To Make Your Day Less Alright

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unsettling cursed image

26 Unsettling Cursed Images Ranging from "Weird" to "NOPE"

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