overly romanticized things in media

People Share Things That Get Overly Romanticized In Media

Living paycheck to paycheck isn't "a blast."
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annoying and unrealistic movie details that people hate

Unrealistic Movie Details That Won't Stop Being Annoying

They just never fix it.
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A collection of annoyingly unrealistic movie logic moments | tahonng 3h 1 Award way gifts are wrapped. They're always boxes with actual lids (like shoe boxes, not ones with flaps) and lid is wrapped separately box so open present, they just lift lid. Also, if there's ribbon wrapped around ribbon's not taped on and slides right off. Has anyone ever done this real life

Annoyingly Unrealistic Movie Logic Moments

The phone call that goes right into an intense convo.
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AskReddit replies to unrealistic things that people see in movies that annoys them | tdj8 6h noticed lot movies they will let someone into their house but don't shut front door lol

Unrealistic Moments In Movies That Annoy People

Life ain't like it is in the movies.
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