times people dodged bullets

Fortunate Times People Dodged Life-Ruining Bullets

Well that was close.
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absurd funny times things and people got singled out

Absurd Times The Universe Messed With One Person Exclusively

Thanks for the attention, Universe.
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mistakes, messes and chaos

Unfortunate Moments Of Failure And Chaos

Thanks, life.
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chaos fails and misfortune

Chaotic Times People Were Struck By Mishaps And Misfortune

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messes, mistakes and misfortune

Misfortune Monday: It Goes On

And on and on.
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misfortune and chaos

Misfortune Monday: Of Course Things Are Like This

Why wouldn't they be?
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images of mistakes, messes, chaos and failure

Misfortune Monday: Why Should Anything Go Right?

Thanks, world.
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wtf moments of chaos, failure and mistakes

Misfortune Monday: Chaos is Unavoidable

Hey look, some chaos.
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unlucky moments of chaos, failure, misfortune and mistakes

Unlucky Moments of Misfortune and Chaos

Life is cruel.
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errors, fails, messes and mistakes

Misfortune Monday: It Never Ends

It's all chaos, man.
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disasters, mistakes and failures | trampoline stuck on a road sign | car parked under a leaky cover frozen with water

Misfortune Monday: Life Is Uncertain

Things go wrong a lot.
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moments of misfortune and chaos | car door trunk slice through with rope | fluffy dog covered in popcorn cereal stuck to its face

Misfortune Monday: Things Just Keep Happening

It won't stop.
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Stephen Piscotty unlucky baseball player sports fail video

Stephen Piscotty Hit Three Times In Same Inning

Some kind of curse was at play.
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messes, mistakes and failures | garbage truck flipped over the side of a bridge spilling its content on cars underneath | bug found in a green salad

Misfortune Monday: Chaos Has Many Names

A lot can go wrong.
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failure, mistakes and messes | dry spot in the shape of a person lying on their side on wet ground | metal screw inside an ice cream

Unpredictable Moments of Chaos and Misfortune

It's always something.
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Man's day is a series of frustrating fails | So did begin? Wel 1. Last night at around 5 pm broke an aquarium at work (worth about $60 2. Cleaning up, minor cut my thumb. Very shallow, so pick off dead skin. Ripped layer flesh off, and now have an exposed nerve ending is relatively small, but doesn't go away, and is sharp pain, so can't pretend 's not there

Man's Day Is A Rollercoaster Of Fails

Some days are tougher than others.
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