mistakes, messes and chaos

Unfortunate Moments Of Failure And Chaos

Thanks, life.
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messes, misfortune, mistakes and failure

Misfortunate People Having Very Bad, Horrible, No Good Days

Chaos is inevitable.
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wtf moments of chaos, failure and mistakes

Misfortune Monday: Chaos is Unavoidable

Hey look, some chaos.
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failure, mistakes and messes | tweet by Lynsey Mukomel Well, friends. This is came mail gonna need something else, please. PURE MICHIGAN DCK 247 MACKINAC BRIDGE license plate that spells dick 24/7

Chaos and Misfortune that Injected Itself into People's Lives

Life is a roller coaster.
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Fails, messes, mistakes, chaos on misfortune | broken window, loose tire on top of a car's hood, hole in the wall. slice of casserole on top of a melted plastic plate inside an over.

Chaotic Moments of Misfortune and Failure

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A collection of unfortunate moments from people struggling through life | phone attached to a cord dragging on the asphalt road from the closed door of a moving car

Sucky Moments Of Fail From A Mean World

Time for a new phone.
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People describe the most important things they broke, and the aftermath | Sparkselot 12h broke 3,000 diamond at work once wedding ring tightening little princess cut square one with sharp points and all sudden turned into broken "milky/frosted" mess, lol would be surprised on easy is break diamond; especially they have super sharp points can't scratch them, but they will break. Aftermath hey happens" and some more training broke several more stones after but all small and easy and cheap replace.

Most Important Things People Broke

Sometimes, we break things.
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Dude helps friend move a couch and a caterpillar nightmare ensues | r/tifu Join u/butneverdestroyed 1d TIFU by helping move couch had been sitting outdoors week. L Mandatory 'happened yesterday. My husband's family celebrates Father's Day by gathering at their camp and having cookout and getting some chores out way my FIL wants get accomplished. No problem. Tlove camp and love chances help my FIL.

Dude Helps Move Couch, Caterpillar Nightmare Ensues

Oh, no.
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Mistakes, mishaps, misfortune, fails an messes | several men looking down at a large amount of broken eggs on the floor of a warehouse | fancy ship sinking in a port

Misfortune Monday: Messes, Mistakes and Chaos

Outlandish and spectacular mishaps.
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Chaos, mistakes and failures | man coming down a staircase to find a deep hole being dug at the bottom | cat being held by its scruff covered in Styrofoam balls

Monday Misfortune: Refreshingly Unconventional Mishaps

Weird mistakes are still happening.
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Funny, wtf and weird chaos, misfortune and fails | trash bin overflowing with unbaked raw dough | car stuck in a big road pothole with its back end sticking in the air

Misfortune Monday: Strange and Specific Mishaps

Like when you forget that dough also rises in a dumpster.
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police man attempts and fails to jump over fence and gets stuck

Cop Gets Stuck On Fence

He kind of looks like an NPC glitching out in a video game.
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Unlucky moments of chaos, fails and messes | hide the pain harold standing next to a car with a clamp on its wheels. person's legs hanging from a crumbling hole in the ceiling.

Unfortunate Moments When Failure and Chaos Reigned

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Horrible and stupid names people gave kids | posted by MelyssaRave My neighbor 12th kid. His parents named him Twelver gotta be worst ever seen.

Horrible Names People Encountered

If you see your name in here, all you can do is blame your parents.
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unfortunate moments of chaos | stringy remnants of something that completely melted in a oven. train tracks completely covered by corn kernels.

Moments of Chaos, Misfortune and Failure

Mistakes were made.
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Moments of chaos, mistakes, fails and unfortunate errors.

Unfortunate Failures and Moments of Chaos

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