Wife holds her ground and calls out cheating husband who has been unfaithful to her with a mutual friend which she found out by hacking his Instagram account, Internet applauds her

'My gut told me to turn into Harriet the Spy...': Wife Suspects Husband's Cheating on Her With Mutual Friend, Pretends to Be Him on Social Media and Gets the Other Woman to Spill the Tea

If you have ever been put in the horrible position where you suspect that your “loving” partner is cheating in you, then you know there is no other gut-wrenching feeling like it. Maybe you see their phone lighting up with messages late at night. Or you get a friend saying they say your partner out with someone else at a random time of the day that you didn't know about. Or you simply see someone liking too many of their social media posts. That feeling of your heart dropping into your stomach i…
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