Delusional writer who believes they've written a bestseller vampire novel won't pay for editing

Delusional Writer Wants "The Next Twilight" Edited For Free

"Excuse me, Count Dracula is spelled with an O."
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Boyfriend wants to name baby after "Twilight" and mom isn't down.

Boyfriend Wants To Name Baby After "Twilight", Mom Says No

Just, no, my dude.
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twitter FAIL beyoncé niagara falls wax twilight - 4801029

Does This Wax Statue Look Like Beyoncé? At all?

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Vampires Suck

halloween lol twilight vampires win witty comebacks - 4123290368
By Unknown

"I'd Never Given Much Thought To How I Would Die — "

young adult novel, books, narrator, girls, twilight
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Your Secret's Not Safe With Us

twilight, drunk, texting, secret
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How Do I Twilight?

movies twilight spelling funny - 7269860864
By jishot9

I'm Still Washing the Stink of That Movie Off of Myself

hunger games twilight - 6155328000
By robrrt

Oh God...No

overly attached girlfriend twilight funny - 8109462528
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And So I Puked

animals Cats literature pop culture quotes twilight words - 4941373952
By Unknown

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Seal

draw something gay twilight - 6058942976
By Unknown

We'd Punish Someone Who Wouldn't Shut Up About Twilight Too

drinking drunk facebook friends police twilight - 5685431808
By Unknown

Probably Not the Answer They Were Looking for

still a valid observation
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I'm Sure They'll Find a Way to Put it Back Next Season

hunger games The Walking Dead twilight - 6144490240
By Jackus

Take THAT Fictional Character!

bible facepalm twilight failbook g rated - 8101537792
By ichc.chrispeeler (Via RedditLovesYew)

Twilight's Alternate Ending

scary twilight werewolves - 8022503424
By FuriousEnergy
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