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Twenty Top Tumblr Gems From the Tumblr Trove of Treasure

These Tumblr gems were the top of the week.
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funny tumblr memes | languagebender why divide people by unrational things COULD divide them by whether their word cotton candy is valid or not languagebender examples: american english: cotton candy good british english: fairy floss X not valid spanish, german: sugar cotton good french: daddy's beard X NOT VALID berenswick sorry French call | popokko best way draw frog. is give as few frog qualities as possible. just enough barely registers as frog popokko like this

Funny and Sweet Random Tumblr Gems

Avast ye mateys, here be the bounty o' the internet!
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A collection of totally random and funny moments from the minds of Tumblr.

Totally Random Tumblr Nuggets To Chew On

Eat up.
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A collection of funny moments from various people on Tumblr | posted by queen-beastie Literally any continuity "error involves Spock can be explained away by fact he is fucking liar Vulcans never lie Never,"Spock lied." pic of leonard nemoy as spock in star trek

Entertaining Bits Of Tumblr Comedy Gold

Good old Tumblr never fails to leave us entertained.
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