One of Those Days

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There Are No Shortcuts, but There ARE Plenty of Obstacles o the Road to Success

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A Semi Accidentally Took This Smaller Vehicle for a Ride

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Truck Bath FAIL

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An Inefficient Means of Transport

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In Case of Emergency, Your Truck Can be Used as a Flotation Device

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Looking for Locals in Your Area

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Only Make a Promise You Can Keep

work truck image Only Make a Promise You Can Keep
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We're Going to Need a Little Backup Here

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Douche-Mobile FAIL

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It's Only a Semi-Conga Line

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We Don't Give a Truck About This Flood

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Staying Dry FAIL

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When Your Mudflap Needs Mudflaps

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Proper Unloading Technique

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Nobody Has Buyer's Remorse Like Truckers

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