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Lazy Truck Driver Fakes Broken Arm, State Trooper Swarms Him With Tickets

Man, oh man, this truck driver sounds like a lazy nightmare. Fortunately, one of the guys who was exposed to his BS, had enough, and got a state trooper involved. From there, the state trooper had no problem writing the truck driver multiple tickets for faking an injury to get out of the job he was being paid to do. 

A truck driver fakes a broken arm, so the state trooper writes him all the tickets | r/ProRevenge Join u/dachord 22h Fake Broken Arm Get Dead- Lined. Years ago back high school worked retail hardware business, along with few part time guys going college. One our jobs accepting deliveries corporate warehouse. Because truck full merchandise, some our store, some other stores weren't allowed go into trailer truck driver responsible going into trailer and pushing boxes merchandise onto rollers where
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You can't really see what happens, but you know it's heroic.

That's State Trooper Eric Devers, who leaps over a guardrail to save a truck driver that had crashed off the highway in Miami County, Ohio. According to the video's description:

An officer with the Ohio State Highway Patrol was honored this week for saving a semi-truck driver's life back in April. Dashcam footage just released shows trooper Eric Devers arrive at the scene of a crash and immediately sprint toward the driver. The trooper found the man still belted into his seat. Shortly after, his eyes rolled back into his head and he stopped breathing, the Ohio State Highway Patrol said.

The truck driver apparently had an atrial fibrillation, which is a quivering or irregular heartbeat that caused him to pass out while driving.

And hey! How cool is CPR? You should learn it yourself and become a hero like that guy there.

Certification and education classes are totally available near you.

It only takes a few hours, go ahead and do it.

FOX News reunited the two men during an emotional television segment.

We'll even forgive Devers for saying a pretty worn cliché.

You can pretty much say anything you want while you're saving someone's life.