man troll homophobic doritos eaters

Fake Account of the Day: Man Trolls Rainbow Doritos Haters in the Best Possible Way

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Troll Creates Fake Target Customer Service Account, Responds To Gender-Neutral Haters

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hate twitter anger troll saturday night live - 532997

SNL Head Writer Colin Jost Tears Down Time Warner Cable over Twitter

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And... Here... We... Go!

batman ransom thief troll - 4105101312

Somebody Doesn't Know How To Meme

note passive aggressive tldr troll Y U NO - 4489584384

How to Set Off Real Dubstep Fans

comic dubstep skrillex troll - 6290973440
Created by Unknown

Cookie Troll

break room cookies rage rage comic troll - 4553694976

Not a Single Piece of This Sentence Makes Sense

martin luther king jr comments MLK trolling what troll youtube - 8340083968
Via Naems

You've Been Tempted to Do This at Least Once...

eating kids parenting troll prank g rated - 8267252224
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Just Science Trolling

troll science funny School of FAIL - 8233048576
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trolltube troll Video - 60390401

Meanwhile in Russia of the Day: This Russian Guy Cannot Deal With the Oculus Rift

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Try This Now

monday thru friday copier work troll prank g rated - 8053428224
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I Hear Facebook is Going to be Down for the ENTIRE Month of Quarlthbruary

facepalm troll - 8035037440
Created by Unknown

Troll Those Hipsters

troll will smith Music g rated - 7992129792

Gene Simmons Feels The Hate

KISS troll Gene Simmons celebrity twitter - 7887076096

Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Catty

troll justin bieber - 7845884416

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