drugs lsd trippy Video - 85558785

Guy Recreates What It's Like to Be Tripping Out On LSD

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Music drugs trippy festival Video - 85400065

Video Footage of Chick Possibly Deconstructing the Universe After Probs Dropping Questionable Substance on Her Tongue At Music Festival Is Comedic Gold

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makeup wtf trippy Video - 74575873

This Double Vision Makeup Look Tutorial Proves That Makeup is Trippy AF

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sports hockey trippy Video g rated win - 69076737

A Trippy Look at Underwater Ice Hockey

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creepy perspective trippy Video - 68834561

From the Right Angle, the Ceiling of This Las Vegas Casino Comes Alive

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neat trippy ASMR Video g rated win - 68686849

Put on Some Headphones and Listen to Immersive Binaural Audio

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trippy drones Video upside down - 68512257

The World Goes Topsy-Turvy in This Cool Drone Footage

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trippy pretty colors Video - 67702273

Take a Giant Dome, Project Some Video on it, and Watch the Magic

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trippy video games Video - 67557377

Playing the PC Classic Quake on an Oscilloscope is Truly Trippy

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drugs trippy science Video - 67021057

Put on Your Headphones and Check Out This Trippy Visualization of a Mushroom Using an Oscilloscope

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Your Monitor is Fine, This Cabinet Was Just Carved to Look Like a Glitch

mind blown design trippy - 8298998784
Via Indulgd

This Broken Billboard Goes Through a Trippy Color Test

Ad billboard pretty colors trippy - 8015723008
Created by Unknown

But, But, Where did the Mugs Go?

mind blown design trippy - 7992376064
Via Drool'd

Dem Bubbles

gif of a person holding a cigarette and looking at bubbles swirling in a beer glass
Created by anselmbe

Do Not Adjust Your Monitor: It Was Carved That Way!

furniture design trippy - 7138594816
Via Laughing Squid
trickery trippy dance weird Video - 44251905

Distorted Dance WIN

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