Guy with constantly late wife lies to her so she shows up on time | r/AmIthe/ le Posted by u/Chewychew5150 AITA telling my wife she needed be my graduation an hour before she needed because she is always late things 27m) have been with my wife (27f 8 years 5 those years military and developed habit being early everything do is huge pet peeve mine if people are late things they could have been on time. If something happens out control and are late then totally understand

Guy Lies To Constantly Late Wife So She Shows Up On Time

Relationships are weird.
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psychological tricks

Psychological Tricks To Get The Most Out of Social Situations

People are complex, sort of.
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Karen lies about pay to trick babysitter and calls it a typo

Karen Tries To Trick Babysitter By Lying About Pay And Calling It A Typo

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stranger claims woman's house is her childhood home and demands entry, she's lying

Stranger Demands Entry Claiming She Used To Live At Woman's House, Not What She Seems

Stay vigilant.
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malicious compliance pro tip trick - 15259653

Genius Uses Creative Workaround to Avoid Cancelation Costs on His Waylaid Holiday

Guy uses clever malicious compliance to dodge fees on his cancelled holiday.
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trolling troll prank trick - 15257349

Guy Tricks Phone Thief Into Turning in His Sister's Phone In to the Police

Brother convinces thief that the phone he has stollen belongs to a mob member.
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customers convenience store lol funny trick Video - 107191809

Customer "Wants One From The Back," It's The Same One

We've all experienced this phenomenon.
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Coworker keeps trying to trick vegan coworker, cries when she won't eat her "vegan" cake

Vegan Employee Refuses To Eat Suspicious Cake, Coworker Cries

What ever happened to not bothering people.
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Repairman tricks entitled mom | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/Longshot79 11 hours ago EK gets us "suspended week oc M Ok work on elevators, and at this time an apprentice working on service jobs with mechanic call him "Rick Now Rick really nice guy got along really well, but he had bit short fuse. Thrown tools were fairly normal if he got frustrated. Anyways were working on an elevator with machinery basement, and some only accessible elevator pit took all steps normally would, put signs on

Entitled Mom Demands to Speak to Elevator Tech's Supervisor, It's Him

Buttons were pressed.
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photos of strange perspective that produce optical illusions. | Bed Bath and Beyond store sign that looks like it reads Death & Beyond | motorcycle driving on a sandy dune raising dust behind

Double Take Moments of Optical Weirdness

It doesn't take much to trick the eyes.
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interesting and funny double take optical illusion images | two small dogs on leashes standing back to back looking like one dog with a head on each end | classroom small head on a big oversized body

Eye Confusing Moments of Double Takery

Gonna have to look again.
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baseball player falls for hidden ball trick

Player Falls for The Ol' Hidden Ball Trick

That's sneaky.
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Things that are the placebo effect | hibikikun 11.6k points 2 days ago Loading spinners on web pages once had user complain web app too slow (and pretty fast So tested him by making animation spinner spin much faster. He went my boss praise much faster web app spin.js is using)

Everyday Things that are The Placebo Effect at Work

"If you think it's working, it's working."
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Guy tricks dog into eating it's regular food.

Dude Tricks His Picky Dog Into Eating

It's kind of like a modified version of the "fake fetch throw."
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Teacher tries to confiscate diabetes pump | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/Sugar_Daddy24 20 hours ago Phone? Sorry, just my diabetes pump. oc M Just found this sub! This story dates back my senior year high school (2013 My school quite small had graduating class 92 so everyone knew everyone. All teachers were amazing and very involved our academic lives, but most part had nothing but good intentions. Unfortunately there 1 teacher, our English AP teacher, who just an absolute jerk. She type

Teacher Thinks Diabetes Pump is Phone, Tries to Confiscate It

The ol' swticheroo.
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Video of a toothpick holding up a water bottle with suspension.

Toothpick Suspension is Cool Physics Trick

Grade-school level science will never cease to amaze us.
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