service decides to fine person for their lawn clippings, so they get revenge

Yard Waste Service Jerks Guy Around, He Develops Well-Measured Revenge

"Fine me, huh?"
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Resilient trees growing in and through many things | tree growing out of a SPEED LIMIT 25 sign branches coming out from the top of it | small tree plant growing from a crack in the pavement

Resilient Trees that Don't Give A Heck

They are literally incapable of caring.
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tumblr thread on meat-eating plants

Tumblr Expounds On The Meat-Eating Nature of Plants

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A quick and funny Tumblr post honors the tree that genuinely owns itself.

Quick Tumblr Post Honors The Tree That Owns Itself

Good for you, tree.
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A collection of cool artistic engravings on trees.

Faces Carved Into Trees Is A Mystifying Spectacle

Pretty cool stuff.
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A Tumblr thread about creepy things trees do that humans don't | beautifuloutlier As biologist can clearly state plants are fucking weird and should probably be slightly afraid them. viforcontrol On note! At university (UBC) located town Agriculture students were told by their teacher tree flipped upside down would die. So they took an excavator and flipped tree upside down. And 's still growing. But branches are now roots, and roots are now these super gnarly looking branches. Be afraid.

Tumblr Thread : Trees Are Low Key Monsters

Trees are creepy, man.
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amazing trees enveloping and eating things | OFF LIMITS FIREWOOD CUTTING | tree that grew around a motorcycle

Voracious Trees That Engulfed Things

The trees are coming.
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A quick Tumblr thread about how trees are bizarre and actually kind of creepy | gwydtheunusual Actually pretty easy. Trees don't reject tissue other trees same family bend tree another tree is sapling, scrape off bark on both trees where they touch, add some damp sphagnum moss around them keep everything slightly moist and bind them together. Then wait few years trees will have grown together can use similar technique graft lemon branch or lime branch or even both- onto an orange tree and

Tumblr Post: Trees Are Bizarre And Freaky

Respect our arboreal overlords.
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A collection of pictures of trees that looked like they ate stuff | tree with hold that look like eyes growing through a fence looking like a face biting on it

Trees That Appeared To Eat Stuff

Trees grow in all kinds of strange ways.
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Trees overgrowing signs and objects so it looks like they're eating them | a red round car road sign with a tree trunk growing around it so that it's halfway swallowed hidden in the bark

Trees Munching on Stuff

These trees are hungry for signs.
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Trees that grew around objects | photos of an old canon ball or some other kind of projectile that is visibly aged and rusting stuck inside a tree trunk that grew around it

Hungry Trees that Enveloped Stuff

These trees don't want to be messed with.
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A collection of images showing bread being stapled to trees.

Bread Stapled To Trees (15 Images)

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cover image of plants that are growing weirdly

17 Unstoppable Plants Who Won't Take No for an Answer

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trees archeology jobs medicine work mistakes misunderstanding cement journalism - 6121477

Twitter Answers Things Everyone Misunderstands About Their Job

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big and small fails

17 Unfortunate Events Ranging From "Aw Man" To "WHOA BOY"

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trees parenting crying Video - 80453633

Henry the Emotional Environmentalist Can't Handle People Trashing the Planet

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