People describe their funniest travel fails in a wild Twitter thread.

Twitter Thread: People's Funniest Travel Fails

Traveling can be quite stressful.
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customer service FAIL public freakout cringe ridiculous traveling karen - 2533382

Employee Refers Karen To Different Airline After Temper Tantrum

Not today, Karen.
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humor gross farting ridiculous traveling funny Video - 107096321

Guy Rips Massive Fart On Airport's Intercom

Hire the kid.
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A funny Tumblr post about someone's intentionally awful travel photos. | wizardtwins travel like take hilariously bad pictures common tourist things, because anyone can take nice picture them, so rather take one can laugh at later here's this |

Tumblr Users Take Intentionally Awful Travel Photos

That rat is straight out of Ratatouille.
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A "wild" Karen gets bested by a petty revenge while at the airport | r/pettyrevenge posted by BookwyrmsRN Current petty revenge progress airport edition. Well. This is developing story edit and update as happens flying Houston Florida today work. There is plenty time before my flight starts boarding.

Wild Karen Gets Bested By Petty Revenge At Airport

A wild Karen appeared, and was dealt with smoothly.
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A flight attendant describes her most memorable moments. | filmnoirsbian Follow honor approaching my first 6 months mark as flight attendant, here are some highlights my time this job lady stopped gently whisper had "mastered art kindness an elderly woman told put on earth be flight attendant" Each and every time someone complimented my nails

Tumblr Post: A Flight Attendant's Wildest Stories

So many nice moments.
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Travelers describe the places they'll never return to | convextech 2y Disney World with my grandkids practically grew up there but hadn't been over 20 years had no idea would be nothing but huge traffic jam strollers and screaming children. 3.5k

The Places Travelers Will Never Return To

Some places are too strange to hang with.
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A collection of the worst tourist traps that people have encountered | Aceofkings9 1d PSA Staten Island Ferry is FREE. If people are trying charge tickets, they're scam artists. If traveling New York s worth visiting views, especially considering cost, or lack thereof.

Worst Tourist Traps People Have Encountered

Avoid these red flags.
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self entitled woman gets kicked off a plane and threatens to harm people's jobs

Flashback Fail: Self-Important Woman Kicked Off Flight

Someone certainly didn't have a job after this.
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Guy falls asleep on the train, tries to evade fare, conductor can't be tricked | Ignacio Lopez @comedylopez Witnessed most amazing thing on train Edinburgh yesterday guy boarded Wigan sat opposite He went sleep an hour he woke up he bought sandwich, ate went back sleep This isn't maths test don't need know distance/ speed).

Guy Falls Asleep On Train, Tries To Evade Fare, Conductor Isn't Fooled

Sleepy dude almost pulled it off.
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List of nice things about American travelers | Friendly point become suspicious their intent. Americans generally are more confident. way they present themselves, most other countries tend be more reserved. Walk into room full different nationalities guarantee American person will be first introduce themselves s confidence thing, and admire.

Wholesome Stereotypes of American Travelers

The better things that make it obvious someone's from the U.S.
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Guy tells a crazy story about his rollercoaster of a New Year's Eve | Andrew Kimmel @andrewkimmel Dear @AmericanAir, After arriving back LA Indonesia 275 EQDS under (yet 25K miles over maintaining status asked pay $1875 keep status, so instead booked 400 rt ticket Mexico 24 hrs. Here's my fucking night went

One Man's Wild New Year's Eve Story

This guy has a story to last him a lifetime.
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FAIL cringe ridiculous traveling Video stupid flying - 100799489

Unruly Passenger Yells At Flight Attendants And Passengers, Gets Booted

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surprising news flight awesome traveling Video airplane - 98865665

Man Somehow Ends Up As The Only Passenger On A Delta Flight

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twitter racism FAIL public freakout cringe social media traveling airplane - 98570241

Angry Plane Passenger Shouts Racist Slurs And Hits Her Boyfriend With Laptop

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non american saying string cheese should have been a joke

32 Non-Americans Share Rumors About the U.S. That Turned out to Be True

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