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Whoever Nikki is, I'm Jealous

tattoos tramp stamps funny - 7680018176
Created by ahumanwolverine

Edwin Goes Here No More

tramp stamps - 7296416768
Created by Unknown

How Could I Lie to You, Tramp Stamp?

eyes tramp stamps - 7245682944
Created by Unknown

Rest in Peace

juggalos tramp stamps - 7205790976
Created by Unknown

Honoring Your Parents

tramp stamps - 7198416384
Created by Unknown

Keep it on the Fridge

stick figures tramp stamps - 4909071360
Created by Unknown

Don't Tell Me What to Do

arm tattoos tramp stamps Ugliest Tattoos - 7169972480
Created by Miss Anon

"I Ride the Way I Live"

tramp stamps - 7161688576
Created by Nerp

The Ultimate Tramp Stamp

butt tattoos tramp stamps - 7140714240
Created by Emi_Chan

Everything's Better Down Where it's Wetter

mermaids under the sea tramp stamps - 7131804160
Created by Repulsia

Do People Still Like Tramp Stamps and Blink-182?

expressions tramp stamps blink 182 - 7101992448
Via F*** No Bad Tattoos

You're Just Making Things Worse, Stop Now!

tramp stamps back tattoos tinkerbell - 7054249728
Created by wheresvito


tramp stamps Cats - 7039296768
Created by Unknown

Found a Tramp!

butterfly tramp stamps g rated Ugliest Tattoos - 6891631616
Created by Unknown


yolo tramp stamps - 6893750784
Created by Unknown

Tramp Stamps Are Like Bat Signals for Good Time Charlies

tramp stamps - 6772502784
Created by jshove1

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