Tumblr thread about the "elephant paths" people carve in parks | starfleetacademy Follow Desire paths are just best human invention because cities will spend millions on sidewalks and yet. Our little foraging brains will think 'too far cut thru grass food' and others will be like 'other human have good idea follow' until there's beaten path there's perfectly acceptable sidewalks either side starfleetacademy Follow User experience Design example

Tumblr Thread: In Defense of Those Unofficial Worn Paths

Who can argue with a straight line?
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Not Everyone Thinks Hiking Alaska is Beauiftul and This Trail Logbook Proves it

funny win image trail log book in Alaska gets one bad review from hiker
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The Oregon Bike Trail

Forest oregon trail destination WIN! g rated - 7355750144
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A Blooming Trail

trees trail park flowers pretty colors destination WIN! g rated - 7094199552
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trail stunt whee bike dangerous vertigo - 44937473

Very Scary Ride WIN

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Why Hello There WIN

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Yew Trees on The Road in Wales

tree path trail camping Wales best of week Hall of Fame - 6675894272
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Choose Wisely WIN

best of week cake Death Hall of Fame trail - 6532935424
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Mother Nature FTW: Make a Trail

mother nature ftw path photography snow trail winter - 5452002048
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Autumn WIN

autumn leaves path photography relaxing road trail - 5131004160
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