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Seal Screams Like Tom Hanks

Now if only they could get it to say "Wilson."
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Tom Hanks Recognizes Old Bank Where He'd Cash Unemployment Checks

Things certainly turned around for Tom.
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Tom Hanks' Unplanned Speech Ends Up Being Epic AF

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Tom Hanks, America's Undisputed Father, Bought The White House Press Corps a Passive Aggressive Gift, Like Any Good Father Would

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When Tom Hanks Finds a Lost Glove He Tweets About it and We Aren't Totally Sure Why

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Girl Sends Fan Mail to Tom Hanks, and Receives Legendary Response Back From the Man Himself

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Answer of the Day: Tom Hanks Settles Bill Murray Picture Debate

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Tom Hanks Re-Enacts the Forrest Gump Voice 25 Years Later, and It's Even More Amazing

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Important: Guys, Tom Hanks Found a Sock and It Apparently Belongs to Steve Martin

tom hanks steve martin twitter Important: Guys, Tom Hanks Found a Sock
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Wilson from 'Castaway', Gone but Not Forgotten

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He Just Kept on Running!

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Tom Thanks for These Puns

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Another Reason Why Tom Hanks is Basically the Best Ever

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Starring Tom Hanks and That Other Guy

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Da Vinci Was Right!

pope tom hanks vatican pope francis failbook g rated - 7134968576
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Starring Tom Hanks as an Underprivileged Aspiring Rapper from Detroit...

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