funny lord of the rings memes

Lord of the Rings Memes Brighter Than the Jewels of Fëanor

What a perfect story.
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Lord of the Rings Memes

Lord Of The Rings Memes To Help One Simply Walk Into Mordor

Give it a shot.
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Lord Of The Rings Memes That Show The Meaning Of Wasting Time

Sometimes life gets to a point when all you can really do is pour yourself into the world of fantasy. And in the case of Lord of The Rings, that world is so rich, terrific and well cast that “sometimes” becomes more and more like “all the times.” Now speak friend and enjoy these lord of the rings memes that shall definitely pass.
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Lord Of The Rings Memes That Shall Definitely Pass

Is it a crutch to still have such strong feelings for a string of films that came out starting 20 years ago? No. It's not. Lord of The Rings memes are almost as perfect as the material they are based on. How dare you even suggest that they aren't completely relevant and terrific? For more stuff for unrepentant dorks, here are Dungeons and Dragons memes for those of us on a roll.
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Twitter thread about Lord of The Rings characters as bad exes

Twitter Thread: Men of Middle Earth as Bad Exes

Okay, it's men, hobbits, dwarves etc. but the point still makes sense.
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Elijah Wood prank interview about wigs

Elijah Wood Is Asked If He Wears Wigs

It's a simple question.
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A funny Tumblr post about how flat earth intersected with Tolkien's idea of Middle Earth | S mckitterick philosoverted-deactivated202006 Do ever lie awake wondering heck Gimli knows nervous system is systlin Clearly dwarves have medical knowledge far more advanced than other races. gallusrostromegalus His Majesty Dr. Gimli, son Gloin, Neurosurgeon, M.D. bagginshield gimli trying explain his studies legolas flat-earther

Tumblr Thread: Elves Are Flat Earthers For A Reason

It's just how they operate.
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