Man shares story about writing Titanic sequel for his middle school crush | Daniel Dockery Follow @dandock middle school had crush on girl whose favorite movie Titanic. So impress her wrote an outline sequel called Titanic 2. And every like this tweet gets will reveal another awful detail this story.

Twitter Thread: Man Writes Titanic Sequel For His Crush

Definite "A" for effort.
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Funny  and creative made up tumblr Titanic story | facts facts--just-made-up HAD TITANIC ARRIVED Titanic sank on April 14, 1912. Had not struck iceberg would have arrived New York on April 17th. But happening New York on April 17th, 1912 answer may change history as know .

Tumblr Thread on Titanic is as Fascinating as it is Made Up

It's incredible, like literally not credible.
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wtf facts about the 1900s

Outright Bizarre Facts From The 1900s We Did NOT See Coming

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titanic 2 preparing to sail

Titanic 2 Set To Sail in 2022 Gets Absolutely Roasted

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Irresistible Iceberg

titanic dating - 8813325312
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And James Cameron Directed It All

titanic failbook facebook - 8800916480
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The Coast is Clear, Full Steep Ahead

titanic product clever puns tea - 8751123200
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I'll Never Let Go

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Yeah But Neither of Them Have Oscars Either...

titanic leonardo dicaprio birthday burn - 8545899520
By soren7550

"Are There Any Pieces of the Titanic Iceberg Left?"

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One Hit an Iceberg, Another Hit a Mountain. Take Your Pick!

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Those Canadians Will Believe ANYTHING, Like Free Healthcare!

titanic Canada facepalm failbook g rated - 8402732032
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So THAT's Where Coolio Got the Line!

titanic lyrics facepalm - 8380292864
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While the Real News is Going On, CNN Has Other Plans

titanic news cnn facepalm - 8150812160
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At Least We All Know King Kong Was the Real Deal

titanic movies really - 8087131392
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The Irony is Lost on No One

irony sign titanic museum - 8030615296
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