49 People That Left Crazy Receipts That Speak Volumes to Customer Service Struggles

Mathing when it's time to 'settle up' is hard, and especially if you're out drinking yourself stupid like many of these poor-tipping, brain-incapacitated boozehounds evidently were. I'm all for the humor, but by the grace of all that is good and reasonable in this crazy world, don't fail to leave a decent tip. Working on bended, tired knee, and used 'n abused non-slip shoe, through the hospitality industry is no easy business. I'm the first to complain about my old days of slugging it through double shifts as a busboy/dishwasher (team bitch) turned waiter, who consistently counted on tips to put a little extra meat on an otherwise skeletal budget. If you can't afford to tip well don't drink/eat out, but if you can, take inspiration from the people that provided decent gratuity with a solid side of humor on some of these receipts. 

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