These server memes exemplify the trials and tribulations of the restaurant worker experience. They express frustration towards people that arrive right before closing, customers who try to flag you down even though you're not their designated server, making mistakes on the job, and fashioning polite smiles so that you can get a decent tip from difficult patrons.

Server Memes For Restaurant Workers Who Are Over It

Working at a restaurant can be stressful and tiring, to say the least. There can be pushy customers, aggressive managers , and, as Mad TV's Bon Qui Qui once yelled, “complicated orders.” As a server, you have to ensure being on your feet all day every day, along with the limitations of your own memory and the endless lists of dietary restrictions (many of which don't even sound real). And on top of it all, you are expected to smile your way through the pain so that you can maybe, if you're luck…
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strange but effective advice

People Share Their Weirdest Yet Strangely Effective Advice

If it works it works.
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popular survival myths

Survival Myths That Could Be More Deadly To Follow Than Not

Oh cool, confusion.
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street smarts

Street Smart Tips To Help Stay Safe Out There

It's a big world.
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signs someone is romantically interested

Obvious Signs That Someone Is Romantically Interested

We're all doin' our best out here.
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Karen gives horrible tip, gets it back from server

Rude Karen Leaves A 48 Cent Tip, Overworked Server Gives It Back

It never ends.
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ridiculous and stupid life pro tips

Bad Life Pro Tips To Really Jack Up One's Game

Don't do these.
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nature myths warning tips survival help advice dangerous - 16113157

Survival Myths That Are Wrong And Potentially Fatal

There is a whole lot of bad advice out there. And not just financial or relationship advice. Literal survival advice. And that's the most basic thing. So here is some clarification to dispel some of the more popular survival myths that people like to propagate. And to increase your odds even more, here are some basic survival rules everyone should know.
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pro life tips and advice

Life Hacks And Pro Tips To Get an Edge on Life

Why not learn some extra tricks?
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funny dumb and bad advice

Hilariously Dumb and Bad Life Pro Tips to Avoid

Don't do 'em.
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overrated food

Overrated Foods That Get Too Much Credit

Don't give in to the smooth cakes.
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funny bad stupid life pro tips and dumb life hacks

Bad Life Pro Tips That Likely Won't Help

They're dumb.
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job interview red flags

Job Interview Red Flags To Not Overlook

It can be brutal out there.
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behaviors that make men unattractive instantly

People Share Features That Instantly Make Men Less Attractive

What makes a person attractive is subjective, but like, man brush your teeth.
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dumb advice people got

The Stupidest Advice People Received

Absolutely amazing.
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surprisingly dangerous things

Various Things That Can Be Surprisingly Dangerous

What a lovely world we live in.
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