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'Give 0% tip, get 0% service': Casino server gets payback on a notorious no-tip customer, causes 'tipping culture' controversy in the comment section

It's no secret that tipping culture in America has gotten out of hand in the last few years. Every business with an iPad as their POS system will flip their little screen around to their customers they sheepishly say, ‘It’s just going to ask you a few questions'… Sorry, but it's hard to justify tipping 35% on a $7 coffee, but the social pressure of the barista with an imperious stare, a septum piercing, and electric pink hair is tough to ignore.
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'Babies heads are hard': Server gets tipped 40% after accidentally kicking a breakaway toddler on a busy night, chill mom proves to be down-to-earth

Every server feels their stomach drop when they see a toddler seated in their section. Like any service industry member with PTSD, for a split second, they'll imagine the terrors of cleaning melted ice cream from the corners of the booth seats, Karenish mothers yelling at them for a side of ranch, and scrubbing the crayon scribbles off the tabletop...
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'We need drinks!'... 'And I need tips': Bartender Gets $500 Tip After Epically Calling Out Entitled Celebrity Who Tries to Tip with an Autographed $5 Bill

'We need drinks!'... 'And I need tips': Bartender Gets $500 Tip After Epically Calling Out Entitled Celebrity Who Tries to Tip with an Autographed $5 Bill

Tipping culture in America is essential to keeping the service industry afloat. With most servers clocking in at minimum wage, tips are pretty much the main way that they earn their living. Not only that, but servers, especially bartenders, have to put up with a lot of entitled customers who thrive on being doted on and babied by their waitstaff and if you've ever worked in the service industry, you probably know, that guests who are rich and famous are usually also the worst. One witty bartend…
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Karen gives horrible tip, gets it back from server

Rude Karen Leaves A 48 Cent Tip, Overworked Server Gives It Back

It never ends.
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Big Spender of the Day: D.C. Man Eats Bowl of Gumbo, Leaves $2000 Tip

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That Homeless Guy Deserves a Tip of the Hat

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Dona Woorry! There's-a Plenty of Coins to Go Around!

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Free Smiles!

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Created by Amy K

Super Gratuity Bros.

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Tipping WIN

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Getting Home in the Best Way

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Ain't Nobody Got Time for Math!

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U Mad Bro?

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Created by nickp15

Thanks. Thanks a Whole Freakin' Lot.

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Monday Thru Friday: Lol How Does I Math, Part Deux

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Pizza Tip WIN

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