dancing Music wtf timing michael jackson Perfect Timing lol funny - 107692289

Dude On Street Does Excellent Michael Jackson, Syncs Up Perfectly

It's uncanny.
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humor sports timing golf phil mickelson Tiger Woods funny Video - 107259905

Phil Mickelson Hilariously Cuts Off Tiger Woods' First Tee Introduction

A definite golden moment in the history of golf.
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funny dog cough reaction

Dog Has Suspicious Reaction to Cough

That's perfect timing.
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Funny broken microwave video

Microwave Has Great Comedic Timing

It's like it has some kind of internal timer.
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Employee cusses at their water bottle right when the manager is walking by | reddit TIFU by calling my manager fking bch Happened couple hours ago maintenance supervisor an apartment complex andI helping my tech move one our model apartments new location. Knowing would get thirsty grab my water bottle and fill'er up before begin.

Employee Cusses Out Water Bottle, Manager Walks By At Same Moment

Poor water bottle.
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News Blooper

4 Minute-Long BBC News Blooper Has Excellent Comedic Timing

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perfect timing pics, fail pics

23 Lucky (and Unlucky) Images Taken at Exactly the Right Time

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perfect timing pics

21 Wacky and Amazing Photos Taken at the Perfect Time

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photos taken at the perfect time

27 Wild Photos Taken At Exactly The Right Moment

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There's Never a Bad Time for a Birthday Wish!

timing birthday parentbook - 8436143872
Via micabebecca

The Joys of a Purrfect Lock Screen

timing phone cute hacked irl Cats - 8358013952
Created by anselmbe

Meanwhile, in the 1950s...

timing cooking hospital - 8292645632
Created by Matty GoGo

You See Urban Decay, They See a Photo Op

timing photography photo op - 8111782144
Via Google

Just Need a Giant Tongue and the Likeness is Perfect

photobomb timing giraffes - 8106998528
Created by Doctorhil

The Timing Couldn't Have Been Worse

timing whoops - 8036686336
Created by Unknown

Here's Hoping He Doesn't Miss This One

timing photography martial arts - 8014014464
Created by Unknown
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