funny history memes

History Memes To Bathe In The Wealth Of Knowledge

Be one with time itself.
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signs people were old

Signs People Knew They Were Getting Old

Try to stand up without making a noise.
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Guy with constantly late wife lies to her so she shows up on time | r/AmIthe/ le Posted by u/Chewychew5150 AITA telling my wife she needed be my graduation an hour before she needed because she is always late things 27m) have been with my wife (27f 8 years 5 those years military and developed habit being early everything do is huge pet peeve mine if people are late things they could have been on time. If something happens out control and are late then totally understand

Guy Lies To Constantly Late Wife So She Shows Up On Time

Relationships are weird.
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interesting historical perspectives

Twitter Users Describe Their Favorite Weird Historical Perspectives

Time is a strange thing.
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scammer contacts guy and he wastes time

Guy Prescribes Dose of Own Medicine to Scammer

It's the right thing to do.
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employee isn't getting paid to be on time, starts coming in late and manager gets fired for time theft

Employee Isn't Being Paid For Being On Time, Malicious Compliance Ensues

Who values whose time now, huh?
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funny weird history moments

Wild Historical Moments That Are Too Bizarre To Seem Real

History. It's a lot.
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tumblr user schooled on significance of Rocky Horror Picture Show

Tumblr User Schooled On Rocky Horror Being Problematic

Tim Curry wore lingerie for us all.
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guesses as to what will be normal in 10 years

People's Best Guesses As To What Will Be Normal By 2031

It's all up in the air, man.
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funny memes about history

History Memes For The Historically Inclined

Become one with time itself.
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moments and images of things that young people wouldn't understand

Twitter Thread: People Show Their Age With Things Young People Wouldn't Get

Those were, uh, some days.
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A Tumblr thread where cultures collide over the ways of measuring time and space | E penroseparticle My favorite thing is Europe is spooky because 's old and America is spooky because 's big meduseld difference between America and England is Americans think 100 years is long time, while English think 100 miles is long way Earle Hitchner burntcopper fave mine always american tales where people freaked out because 'someone died this house' and all europeans would go .Yes would be

Tumblr Thread: Cultures Collide Over Ways To Measure Time And Space

A very serious matter, indeed.
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toys and products from the 90s | Today's kids will never know struggle lose one pieces on these mechanical pen | NOTHING LIKE BEING STARTLED AWAKE BY ONE THESE FALLING ON HEAD MIDDLE NIGHT glow in the dark stars

90s Nostalgia to Dip Back Into Those Core Memories

Those were the days.
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Instructions for resetting a smart light bulb are ridiculous.

Smart Lightbulb Instructions are an Absurd Waste of Time

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life tumblr paper towels existentialism funny stupid time universe - 8937733

Tumblr Thread Gets Way Too Existential about a Laminated Paper Towel

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vintage advertisement for cigarettes and hot dr pepper

43 Interesting and Sometimes Outrageous Vintage Food Advertisements

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