things people thought before a close call

The Last Thoughts People Had When They Believed They Were About To Die

It's a spectrum.
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funny tumblr gems and memes

Random Tumblr Gems To Cackle at Heartily

May the guffaws flow.
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funny tweets

Funny Tweets That Fell Straight Out Of The Twittersphere

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funny tweets and jokes from twitter

Funny Tweets To Build Character And Cultivate Strength

Become a better person through mindless thoughts and observations.
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Tumblr thread provides advice on dealing with intrusive thoughts | bulbubsaur Pretend ur invasive self hating thoughts r being said u by 13 y/o boy on xbox live trying get rise out like girlfriend dumped because ugly s nice tim isn't past ur bedtime autistictesla also, if have intrusive violent thoughts, pretend they're being said u by an annoying backseat driver "drive into pole" thanks karen or could not do

Supportive Tumblr Thread On Dealing With Invasive Thoughts

A helpful exercise in working through invasive thought patterns.
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funny interesting observations | u/pyro925 Pavlov probably thought about feeding his dogs every time someone rang bell

Shower Thoughts That Dispensed Insightful Wisdom

Bring on the insight.
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funny tumblr memes and moments | wodneswynn One characters our D&D party is an orc named Brick established orcs get their names through tests strength and his name is Brick because 's strongest thing he able break with his bare hands. By profession, Brick is therapist. His ultimate ambition is one day do therapy so good he can change his name Depression. naamahdarling went into this expecting beautiful himbo and came out love with Brick and crying over therapist orcs. Source: wodneswynn 26,010

Funny, Random and Shiny Tumblr Gems

Tumblr never stops.
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Funny moments and memes from Tumblr | bidoof movie idea: guy finds stone tablet engraved with mysterious alien language and gets caught up national treasure-esque adventure decipher its meaning, only learn s just an alien "live, love, laugh" decoration Source: bidoof 240,710 notes

Tumblr Gems to Destroy Boredom

The thoughts never stop.
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shower thoughts clever observations

19 Shower Thoughts to Repeat at a Party and Pretend You're Profound

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smart shower thoughts | Monopoly would be more realistic ifthe person with the most money got to change the rules whenever they liked

18 Insightful Shower Thoughts to Give Your Day New Meaning

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man secrets

22 Man Secrets That Everyone Should Know About

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askreddit stories about the dumbest things people did

21 of the Dumbest Things People Did for No Reason

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funny shower thoughts

14 Shower Thoughts To Swell Your Mind Brain

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cute dog thinking about recycling the same outfit

15 Deep Thoughts Your Dog Has Probably Had at Some Point in Their Life

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A Breathtaking Realization

The universe experiencing itself.
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It's the Thought That Counts

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