hills diagram Grandpa dumb funny hill theory - 106630657

How A Grandpa Could Walk Uphill To/From School Both Ways: The Breakdown

It is theoretically possible..
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Tumblr conspiracy theory that Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castro's son | unstumpabledeplorable Search feelings know be true. Canada prime minister Cuba dictator comparison thread

Tumblr Conspiracy Theorizes Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castro's Son

The key is in the nipples, apparently
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Tumblr thread on how "ask" and "guess" people communicate | In some families, you grow up with the expectation that it's 0K to ask for anything at all, but you gotta realize you might get no for an answer. This is Ask Culture. In Guess Culture, you avoid putting a request into words unless you're pretty sure the answer will be yes. Guess Culture depends on a tight net of shared expectations. A key

Tumblr Thread: "Ask" People and "Guess" People

That could explain why everyone seems so rude all the time.
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Funny and interesting conspiracy theories | Iblack_dogl 14.7k points 1 day ago edited 1 day ago line on laundry detergent measuring cup is higher than needs be.

People's Favorite Conspiracy Theories

There's an alternate, and sometimes stupid, explanation for everything.
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Tumblr user calls BS on popular spirited away fan theory | don't want don't need petrichoriousparalian this scene is even more creepy realize Spirited Away metaphor sex industry Japan | eren-jaegars-butt oh vivvav OH FUCK'S SAKE! NO WASN'T JACKASSES Totoro's about dead girls Spirited Away is about sex know hear? Spirited Away made some friends Miyazaki's. Specifically ten-year-old daughters some friends he invited stay at his vacation home s fairly common Miyazaki decide he's going make movies

Tumblr User Calls BS On Sinister Subtext of "Spirited Away"

It's a pretty popular theory.
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Tumblr thread explains Darth Vader from Star Wars as comically over-dramatic | sohaliatalitha okay but Vader literally turned off lights on his chest panel make an impression on Rebels whole emerging darkness by light his saber thing intentional dramatic effect drama king. Leia got away because he wasted 30 seconds scaring crap outta those poor rebel mooks.

Tumblr Describes Darth Vader as Being Way Too Extra

Make way for the Sith Lord of Drama
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Tumblr theory explains why little dogs can be so terrible.

Tumblr Thread Theorizes Why Tiny Dogs Can be Yappy Bitey Nightmares

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conspiracy theories

25 Obscure Conspiracy Theories That People Personally Believe In

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willy wonka

Tumblr User Writes Compelling Theory On Why Violet Should've Won Willy Wonka's Factory

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guy debunks flat earth theory

Flat Earthers Will Be Triggered Hard Over This Guy's Competing Theory

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murder the office theories conspiracy Conspiracy Theory TV theory - 5029893

This Office Conspiracy Theory Has Us Shook

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rumors ridiculous video games theory - 1857541

10 Outright Absurd Video Game Rumors We Somehow Believed As Kids

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history pyramid theory - 73095681

How Were The Pyramids Really Built?

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A Clear Winner

monday thru friday janitor toilet paper bathroom theory g rated - 8379972096
evolution science Video theory - 66161153

Why Science Is NOT 'Just a Theory'

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Where Science and Engineering Meet

engineering science monday thru friday theory sign g rated - 8334971904
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