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Proof That The Onion Has Memory-Altering Properties

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So Immature

the onion failbook Hillary Clinton facebook election 2016 - 8804763904
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Sneaky Hillary Is at It Again

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We Hope This Means You Won't Keep Naively Posting Them

FAIL the onion facebook animals - 8761669888
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Suck It, Earth!

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This Was His Third Warning

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How Else Will They Learn?

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Finally, Proof That Employees Are Happiest When Pretending To Work From Home

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people falling for the onion satirical headlines

Gullible People Believing The Onion is Real Makes for Perfect Internet

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Heaven is for Real, and It's Full of Cheapskates

Text - 5 hours ago Huh??? Budget Woes Force Heaven To Reduce Eternal Life To 500 Billion Years Share K WhAt Is this 4 hours ago I dont know, I thought it was interesting, lol read it,K about an hour ago - Edited
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There's Nothing Fake About an Onion Headline

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Just How Ridiculous Are Things Going to Get?

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Indicted FIFA Official Jack Warner Accidentally Falls for the Oldest Trick, Believes an Onion Article is Real

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The Best Part is Admitting You're Wrong but Never Admitting You're Wrong

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Anderson Cooper Falls for the Oldest Trick in the Book of the Internet

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Just Because It's Fake Doesn't Mean it's Not Fake, Right?

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