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A collection of the most notable glitch in the matrix moments from the month of June.

Glitch In The Matrix Moments

Existence is trippy.
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People describe the biggest plot holes that they've encountered in reality.

Biggest Plot Holes In Reality Itself

Existence is strange.
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People describe the strangest things that they've witnessed in real life.

Absolute Weirdest Things People Have Seen In Real Life

Life is weird.
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A collection of people's wildest glitch in the matrix moments.

Absolutely Bonkers "Glitch In The Matrix" Moments

Reality is a trip.
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People describe the biggest coincidences they've experienced that made them question reality.

Biggest Coincidences That Made People Question Reality

Existence is a very strange thing.
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cracked movie review worst thing about the matrix

The Worst Part Of Living In "The Matrix"

It'd be a bit of a bummer.
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things about our universe that make it seem like it's a simulation | Chinpokomono Baader-Meinhof phenomenon learn something new seems like see everywhere right after Like video game learn some new move then is immediately applicable life. RectumPiercing 18.7k points 21 hours ago O 82 8 7 More Motherfucker just telling someone about Baader-Meinhof phenomenon couple hours ago

People's Best Clues that We're Living in The Matrix

It's all a simulation, man.
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Trippy glitch in the matrix moments | nitrOzeus133 15h have this weird thing where l'll be out somewhere, at mall example, and see someone know, but upon closer inspection 's not person thinking s just someone who looks like them. Then later on during day l'll actually end up seeing very person thought saw earlier s fucking weird and happens all time. And 's not usually people see on regular. Often 's people haven't seen years sometimes happens with other stuff too, like music sometimes think so

People's Trippiest Glitch In The Matrix Moments

This simulation is messed up, man.
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Low Cost "The Matrix" is Budget Special Effects Gold

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the matrix weird

22 Mind-Blowing Glitches In The Matrix To Rattle Your Grasp On Reality

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the matrix fails

21 Glitches in the Matrix That Prove Life Is a Poorly Run Simulation

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the matrix movies will smith funny - 86031617

If Will Smith Had Taken The Matrix Movie Offer

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facts about the movie the matrix

25 Amazing Facts From 'The Matrix'

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the matrix presentation high school Video - 84468737

Watching This High School Student Explain How Lion King Ripped Off The Matrix Is Way More Entertaining Than Expected

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They Did All That but They Still Can't Make It to the Bathroom in Time

sims video games meta They Did All That but They Still Can't Make It to the Bathroom in Time
Via ruinedchildhood

I Hate When the World Recycles NPCs

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