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fail nintendo switch hurting youporn visits
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Apparently, the connection between the porn you watch and the games you play is closer than we thought. 

YouPorn reported a massive traffic drop last weekend, following the release of the Nintendo Switch. This isn't entirely surprising; YouPorn usually sees drops during big cultural events, like holidays, Super Bowls, TV premieres, etc. 

Since March 3, there was a 15 percent drop from YouPorn users who self-identified as gamers. Drops continued into Saturday, which saw a 17 percent drop, but ticked up — but was still down — slightly on Sunday, which saw a 13 percent drop. 

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But all that pales in comparison to the fact that Nintendo and Nintendo-related searches skyrocketed. What, no one uses Deviant Art for the video game-related sex cartoons anymore? Here are the numbers:

  • Searches for "Link" rose 164 percent.
  • Searches for "Zelda" rose 102 percent.
  • Searches for "Nintendo" rose 37 percent.
  • Saearches for "Mario" rose 24 percent.
  • Searches for Bowser rose 23 percent.
  • Searches for Princess Peach rose 16 percent.

Wait, Bowser? Yup. Bowser. Apparently, no one wants to J.O. to Waluigi anymore. 

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