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Terrorizing Gotham With Trans Fat

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By Unknown

Meow So Serious?

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By Unknown

Remember That Video for "Batdance" Where Prince is Dressed as the Joker?

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By Painless Shanghai Sailor Captain Don Kate Jordan

Voldemort Meets the Joker

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By Unknown

The Joke's on You

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By igirisu

Why So Heartbroken?

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By Unknown

ROFLrazzi: Heath Ledger's Joker Made Entirely of Skittles

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Via Reddit

You Must Be Joking

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By Alexandra

Tattoo WIN: And Here. We. Go.

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By MatthewModified

So that's where the original idea came from!

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By Unknown


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By chris lynn


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By analbeads

Joker and Marilyn Monroe: Are There Any Tattoos That are More Commonly Butchered Than These?

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By Unknown
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