the incredibles


Tumblr Thread: A Deep Look At The Incredibles

Man, Tumblr does it again with just the kind of thread that leaves us speechless. As far as Tumblr taking us down rabbit holes goes, this one takes the cake. We get to see a deeply enjoyable analysis on a movie, "The Incredibles", that so many of us love. There's just no school like the old school. 

Tumblr | silverhawk honestly tho scene incredibles where mr. incredible sees names all old super heroes used be his friends he knew Back Day and every one them has been killed by syndrome is such chilling scene so many reasons like one, everyone he knew is dead at this point and has been killed on same island he's at now and two, its heartbreaking bc means almost every hero wanted try out being hero again despite laws against and wanted try and help someone out and relive their glory days, only
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