the Beatles

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Simon Pegg Does 4 Beatles Impressions In 12 Seconds

Yep, that's them alright.
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Guy does a performance of hard day's night but as if the record is skipping.

Guy's Rendition of "Hard Day's Night" On A Skipping Record

Remember when music used to skip?
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I'm Sure They've Never Heard That One Before

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Hey Jude, Why Won't You Text Me Back?

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This Man Performed "Yesterday" by The Beatles While Undergoing Brain Surgery

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Rock Poster Pictograms

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While My Ukulele Gently Weeps

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But No-One Will Be Watching Us!

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Sunday Cooking With Your Host, Paul McCartney

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Lennon Needs to Learn to Share His Coke

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The Song is Now in Your Head. You're Welcome.

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These Beatles Marionettes Are Basically too Cute for This World

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Whipping Up Some Beatles Pancakes

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Here Comes the Mmmbop

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You Can't Make This Stuff Up: George Harrison Memorial Tree Killed by Actual Beetles

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Basically the Same Thing, Right?

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