thanks i hate it

Strange cursed images and other weird pictures | funny tapir looking at a half eaten sandwich held by the person taking the pic | power cord floating on top of flip flops in a pool

Weird and Cursed Junk from the Corners of the Internet

Oh, cool, thank you internet.
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Horrible and gross cursed food | IMPROVED TASTE Wish Bone Campbell's Turkey Chunky Blue Cheese GRAVY sauces in spray bottles | toilet bowl used to eat cereal

Cursed Foods from the Devil's Pantry

Satan is a chef and he is angry.
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Strange, funny, weird and WTF images | a child hiding under the dashboard in the passenger seat of a car while a llama sticks its head in | woman taking a photo of another woman posing in front of a fake tropical beach backdrop

Dumb and Weird Stuff from the Crevices of The Internet

Yes, thank you internet.
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