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Twitter Thread: Tetris Can Reduce Mental Trauma

And they said video games were bad.
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Nasty father-in-law gets defeated in high-stakes game of Tetris | r/ProRevenge u/leader556 3h Join 2 1 1 3 2 game Tetris ended years bullying my father--law wish were challenge sentence has echoed my father--law's house months now, and even saying word "Tetris" around him causes him turn into ball rage theme song game makes his eyes bulge, and any oddly colored boxes stacked random order seems give him PTSD-like gaze would give nam vet run their money.

Disapproving Father-In-Law Gets Humbled In High-Stakes Tetris

That's how it's done.
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Not Patience but Tetris...

science Chemistry tetris - 6625906944
Created by Unknown

See, You CAN Learn from Videogames

clean your room Videogames tetris funny - 7558388736
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theme acapella tetris - 54379521

Try Listening To This and Not Humming Along

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Tetris Is Just Science

So, that's why the periodic table looks like that.
Via I F-ing Love Science

Even in the Antarctic, You Just Need a Long Piece

Via MechMeister

This Delivery Guy Wins at Package Tetris

monday thru friday package tetris oddly satisfying - 8438668544
Via mattf***ingwaters
PlayStation 4 tetris Video - 67287297

Ubisoft Keeps Digging Their Own Grave by Royally Messing Up Tetris on PS4. Yes, Tetris, the Game You Can Play Fine on a Calculator...

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lamp design nerdgasm video games tetris Video g rated win - 66154241

The Only Stackable Tetris Lamp!

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They Call Them "Puzzle Potatoes" but We KNOW They Mean "Tetris-Tots"

design food tetris g rated win - 8265393664
Via Laughing Squid
nerdgasm shirt tetris Video - 62296833

Tetris Has Been Ported to Everything, Including This Guy's Shirt

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cover video games tetris Video g rated win - 61047041

The Only Tetris Cover That's Also a Playthrough of Tetris

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Tetris-Style Stackable Art

art design tetris - 8123202560
Via Neatorama

Not Another 'Z' Piece!

twitter 2 chainz tetris - 7921690624
Created by Unknown

Take That, Dad!

video games tetris funny - 7852904704
Via Geeks Are Sexy
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